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7 Dark Web Links that You Must Know

DuckDuckGo Searchduckduckgo search google


It is the most popular search engine that lets you search anonymously. This means your searches and keywords are not stored in a database and whatever you search remains with you.

Google or Yahoo, any search engine on the web will store search results with your IP address and its given out to the government if they ask for it, or a hacker if he’s able to hack their server(difficult), DuckDuckGo doesn’t store anything, so either deliberately or by mistake it can never give up your search results.

Note: It does not just find .onion sites, but it can be used for browsing the web anonymously.

Torch Searchtorch google of the dark web


Google of the dark web. Searches through the various links on the dark web, you can find different websites here. The dark web is not designed to be searchable, relevant links cannot be easily found, so relying on a search engine might not be a good idea.

Instead you can use links found on places like wikis or directories. You can also look for links on r/onion subreddit which has been a gateway to the dark web for more than 6 years.

Onion Url repository


The correct way to find links on the Tor network source is a repository, its much like the older days of the internet when search engines were not so prominent and were not taken as granted. The onion repository displays links to different onion sources.

Silkroad Marketplacethe new silk road

Amazon of the Dark Web. Here you can buy all kind of stuff Apparels, arts, books and illegal stuff such as drugs, guns, weed, adult erotica, counterfeit currency, etc.

Silk road is closed down frequently, but somehow manages to come back again and again, its a source of all sorts of crime and probably one of the most dangerous site on the dark web.

There are many marketplaces on the dark web selling all sorts of stuff, but you must take care, buying or selling illegal stuff is not advisable, you  might be tracked and cheated way too often than most dark web users realize.

Dark Wikipediahidden wiki


Find dark Uncensored information that Wikipedia does not allow, you can find hidden links, review, sources to illegal content and other stories or articles too dangerous to be openly available on the conventional web. Here you can find links to dark web websites and exactly what they are and how things work in the evil world.



Google of Drugs on the dark web. Search for drugs by name and find market links to them. Gram is designed to find drug sources, indexes much if the dark web. The interface looks like a ripped off version of google.



Bitcoin wallet with mixer. Mixer is exchanging coins for different ones, this is because bitcoins are tracked, if someone sells something with a a bitcoin, they might be identified, for the purpose of hiding their identity, mixers exchange bitcoins without needing to reveal identity.

There are many sources on the dark web, you can find all sorts of weird and illegal stuff, just be careful and don’t make it a habit, unless you are doing something illegal, you are safe. We have only listed the most used links on the Tor network, there are numerous blogs, sources, videos, articles, stories, news, xxx, and more things that are available.

NOTE: We do not recommend you to visit any of the links above. They are not safe and viewing them might risk your life, if you still intend to do so don’t do it without reading – Know How To Access the Dark Web Safely.

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