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Adding Sticky Ads and Widgets to WordPress

Why should you use Sticky Widgets?

  • Adding sticky ads will improve click rate. Its usual for a blog to have a sidebar, and they are great ways to add extra information and advertisements.
  • If you wonder how to keep your sidebar intact even when you scroll down
  • To make a post featured.
  • To avoid empty sidebars in long descriptive articles.
  • To display important news.

Here is how to add Sticky Ads and Widgets

1. Download the Plugin Q2W3 Fixed Widget

An easy way to add the fixed attribute to any widget. Not only it gives you the ability to add sticky ads, but it can make any widget sticky or ‘fixed’. It adds a code that enables you to add fixed attribute to any of your existing plugins.

2. Now you can start adding fixed attributes to your widgets

q2w3fixedwidgettickThe Fixed Widget option is automatically added to all the existing widgets in your WordPress Blog.

To see it in action, you can see that the advertisement in the sidebar scrolls down with you. Similar to what you get in your WordPress site.

To do it, just check the Fixed widget attribute.


3. Change settings to customize

Go to APPEARANCE>FIXED WIDGET SETTINGS  and change them according to your choice, it enables editing a number of things such as padding, margin and device width below which plugin will not work.


Feel free to leave your issues in comments.

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