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Basic SEO Tips You Must Know and not be Fooled by Advertisers

Well I will just focus on google and more precisely first page of google, as it is the major part of SEO, if you get it any other search engine result won’t matter

In order to compete against really big sites, you need much more than SEO TIPS FOR BEGINNERSjust SEO, so try to get on google with less competitive keywords if you would like to compete against them, for example if you search email, your website would have to compete against Gmail or Ymail, not easy, but if you search Website mail services provider, you have a much better chance, and even these keywords receive much more traffic than 20th or 30th page of google, first page is the only goal when it comes to SEO, in my opinion and my experience page 2 is pretty much worthless.

If you absolutely have to compete against a web giant, emphasize on advertising instead of SEO initially.


  1. Content – Search engines love content, consider it like an ocean the deeper it is the more fishes it has.


    Top Priority for SEO : Unique and Useful Content

  2. Backlinks – Quality backlinks, in my opinion are still one of the most important things. Do not over do itThe number of quality backlinks is the reason many new good websites have difficulty competing against popular websites.
  3.  Social Media – Really effective if done in the correct way and might bring more traffic than all backlinks and search engines combined. If you are using it just to create backlinks, they are no-follow and might not be effective.
  4. Keywords – Choose the the right keywords, and put them in your title and content a few times and do not unnecessarily use a lot of keywords. What should be the right keyword? This should be your decision, keyword should be chosen in a way that it brings you quality traffic and keeps your bounce rate lower. To choose these keywords, check current trends, and choose one or two top keywords and 4-5 lower traffic keywords. Low traffic keywords or long keywords are important if you site is new and does not rank in top keywords. If choosing a particular keyword ranks you higher in search engines, don’t think twice and use it.
  5. Speed – Google likes speed, if you create a website which is responsive, works on all devices and is responsive, you are more likely to have a higher rank. Use 2 tools to check your site speed Google’s Pagespeed Insights and GTMetrix.
  6. Text – Use more text, images and flash are worthless to search engines. It is useful only in image search.
  7. User Involvement– Create a blog or faq, to build up more content. More important to increase user involvement.
  8. Advertise – Until you get some recognition you might have advertise your website. This is especially required if you are selling something or creating a business website and lack unique content.
  9. Add Alt Text – To get your images in Google Image search, you need to tell the search engine whats the image about. Do it by creating alt text, image title and description. For most part, all you have to do is adding an alt text.
  10. Plagiarism – Avoid it, duplicate content can cause loss in authority and may even get your site banned.

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