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How to Use Colors to Increase Traffic on Website

When designing a website, you try to make it as attractive as possible, colors play an important role for first impressions and to set the mood. There have been various studies on ‘How Colors Affect People’.  Research from Neil Patel and QuickSprout indicates that 85% of all product assessment have something to do with color.

What colors should you choose for Website?

Text Color

Text should be easy to read and understand, it should not blend in in with the background. The main part of the website is always content, so focus must be given to content only. Almost all websites use high contrast difference in main text, almost all websites use black and white colors for main content. But there is something you might not notice until you’ve build a few websites, there are different shades of black for different content.typographycolor1-300x187

Virtually every major website, makes a title darker than the content. 80% black or #333 is majorly used in text, whereas H1, H2 tags are #000 or completely black. This difference is made so that heading stands out, as most people will skim through the web pages, if they like a title, only then they bother to read

The background is made white or a very light shade of grey, even light blue a lot of times, but the text area is mostly white, forums use mostly colored backgrounds, information and business websites almost always use a white background, hacking or illegal activities including adult websites, use dark backgrounds. But the background should feel calm and if you are not targeting a specific type of an audience, we recommend white or light blue. It gives a sense of familiarity and trust and its easier to work with.

Major websites like Facebook or Google uses a white background, but some like twitter and ebay actually uses blue background, for text area, the background is white.

The most used Color on the Web?

It’s Blue. Most major websites are made in different shades of blue. But it doesn’t mean you should do the same, you must choose a color based on the effect you want people to have when they see your website.[Ref]


Intellectual, trust, communication, efficiency, serenity, duty, logic, cool, calmness[Ref]website colors

According to most surveys that you will find, blue is comfortable and liked by most people, both male and female and all ages of people. In fact it’s the favorite color of highest number of people.[Ref]

If you have a classifieds or social media, definitely blue is a good choice, it builds trust. Amazon, Ebay Craigslist have a lot of blue color, in fact a closer look you will realize that these websites use either blue text(craigslist), blue header and footers(amazon) or blue background(ebay).


Harmony, balance, refreshment, universal love, rest, restoration, reassurance, environmental awareness, peace

website colors

Green is the second most acceptable color on the web. Its not used by some websites at all, probably because it doesn’t blend in with others, but a lot of major sites have completely green interface. Mostly seen on websites providing opportunity to earn, capitalism , environment, technology. Many websites such as Godaddy use it, even Whatsapp interface is mostly shades of green.


Physical courage, strength, warmth, energy, basic survival, stimulation, masculinity, excitement[Ref]

website colors

Many different websites use red color logos, graphics, widgets and more. Its an amazing way to draw attention to something. It actually draws your focus to something, used for most important text, warnings, top posts or news, both good and bad news, errors and logos. Preferred by females more than male.

Only a few websites use too much red, use it to draw attention to important stuff. Major websites using all red color is Pinterest, but the major colors seen on pinterest are the color of images, test and white background, it uses pins and logo as red, but no background. Also many major websites have red in them, even outside the internet. Coke, Pepsi, Google, Ebay, shell, a quick image search on google will tell you how many major logos are red!


Physical comfort, food, warmth, security, sensuality, passion, abundance, funweb traffic

Believe it or not, orange is very common and if you need to make something look cheap, its your color and its one of the colors hated by people the most. Why to use it? It draws attention and creates a sense of excitement, used in moderation it has great results, the most intensive study on social media and colors show that orange color promotes sharing. It also makes things look cheap.[Ref]

Widely used in Amazon, Reddit, Hackernews, WordPress, but even the fully orange website reddit does not use it too much, the logo is orange but it cannot be found in the whole site, Amazon uses it for sharing , search buttons, also buy now button.


Optimism, confidence, self-esteem, emotional strength, friendliness, creativity, excitementweb color traffic

Yellow is generally used to draw attention, add a sense of excitement, its used in humor sites, sometimes in social media and news. Many times in logos. Its not used as it is not clearly visible at times in text and looks weird and intense to some people.

Websites such as buzzfeed, snapchat make use of yellow.

Specific colors for your Type and Niche

Choose the best colors for your website, specific to the product you sell or service you offer. Get to know what kind of audience do you expect and build your site for them.

What do you want people to feel?colored emotion

When people visit your site, what emotions do you want to excite? It totally depends on your niche, while trust and familiarity are needed for most sites, there are many others like gaming, tech, humor, video, content, sharing, socializing and more.

Use these colors to blend in and not just for making everything exciting. If you want to make your content appealing by using colors, use them at small specific points rather than texts or background, such as buttons and logos, you can also utilize images to add color so that no one notices the abrupt change in color.

Men and Women also have different responses to colors, women do not like orange and green as much as men and are attracted to red (maybe why reddit  have mostly male users and pinterest has female users). Of course it depends on the content of the websites and not just these colors, see snapchat, so if it feels right don’t go changing it, but at a minimal level you must check this. Red or Blue are best for women while Blue and Black for men.


Trying out different things, check what works, get opinions and look at your analytics. Keeping track of what works for you and engages more users or the right type of users can only be done at your level by your website analytics data, notice how people react to subtle changes and you will get the most out of the internet.

Some colors might be better to get the right emotion for your website, choose the emotion and build up a layout with the colors that bring out that mood and increases user interaction and goal conversions for your website.


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