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How to get 1000s of visitors everyday from StumbleUpon?

stumbleupon trafficStumbleUpon is a great source of traffic, if your content is worth spending time on. Many bloggers have managed to get thousands of views without any work required. All you have to do is, get you content submitted to StumbleUpon. A few 1000 visitors/day is common for good quality content on Stumbleupon.

How to Add to StumbleUpon?

You have to get your web pages submitted, you can submit them yourself, but if you do it too often you might be banned as a spammer, if others share your page, its better. Even if you share your site yourself, be sure that you don’t spam, you don’t add every single page and image link from your website. This will make you look like a spammer and you will never get followers. Add and like other interesting pages from over the internet.

How to get Followed?

Well, just like twitter, follow others you have interest in and hope that they follow you back. StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking website, the more you are involved, the more links you build up. Be a human and build relations with people. Add people who have liked pages you have interest in, and add pages you like on the web to StumbleUpon to build followers.

It is important that you stumble through and like worthwhile pages only, the more unique and good quality content you like more links you build and people have the opportunity to connect to you. It is important because a visitor should not get bored if he stumbles through your likes, if he does your following will suffer.

If you have a large number of followers, you start getting followed by more people further, and the pages you add will surely get some traffic.To get 1000s of followers you will have to share top quality content. If someone with reputation and large number of followers submits a site, its more likely to be stumbled, as the followers might stumble through their likes.

Quality of Traffic

Ok, so now that you know its possible to get large quantities of traffic from StumbleUpon, now comes the question of conversions. I’ve got to admit. the quality of traffic from StumbleUpon is extremely poor. It has  70-90% bounce rate and most of the visitors just leave quickly, they won’t even scroll through your page. However, some users will be converted. There were many visitors who spend considerable amount of time. Some users spent considerable amount of tome and some even become permanent.

100K traffic to single page is possible and even 1% of the traffic is 1000 visitors, which you get merely from sharing a link.

How often does this happen? Does this happen rarely?

It does happen, many times, depends on the content, I have to admit that 100K is rare, but a few thousand visitors in a day is not that uncommon on good content. If a page has likes,  it will have more stumbles.

How do you get users to submit your post?

As mentioned above, you can submit some, but not all your pages yourself. You will be considered as a spammer if you do. To get users to submit your post

  1. Add a StumbleUpon badge to your site or a StumbleUpon share button
  2. Use Viral Content Buzz or similar sites
  3. Use Fiverr services – Use this as a last resort

More Likes! More Stumbles! More Visitors!

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