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How To Get Traffic To Your Website 15 Ways to use in 2017

#1 Advertise

Always advertise, this is a basic step to build a brand on the web. Whenever you start to feel your traffic is declining, push up your efforts and advertise more. It is essential to keep people interested, there is no alternative to advertising.

Here is an article to find the best places to advertise online.

#2 Share on Social Media

Social media is kind of free word of mouth advertising. Social media developed only a decade ago and is the most hot topic on the internet since then.

Go social. Make friends and spread the word about your awesome products or services.

#3 Follow trends

Can’t stress enough, give the people what they want. Never ever try to fight the trend. As soon as you know millions of users are sitting at their computers and googling the same keyword, write an article including the keyword. Make it your headline as long as the trend continues.

Remember don’t go off topic, remember you need to keep a professional image, so trending does not mean you should start to write about Donald Trump on your blog. Instead look for niche specific trends.

If you haven’t by now start using Google Trends.

#4 Focus on SEO

Start building backlinks. Review your website on Google and Bing webmasters, check for major issues and at all cost get rid of errors.

Backllinks are more than of the SEO, so learn about them and start building some backlinks.

#5 Make your content engaging

Your website should consist of a mix of Images, Text, Videos or Gifs, polls, comments etc. Your site must be build in a way that users would stay and browse through links.

There are many ways you can do this

  • Add contact forms
  • Add Social Sharing buttons
  • Add relevant links to additional sources
  • Build a large website, with a lot of pages to visit
  • Add polls, quiz, forms and other similar content

#6 Use internal linking

Internal linking to other pages of your site will definitely improve your bounce rate. People who stumbled upon to your site will definitely stay longer and browse more pages. We have found that internal linking also increases advertisement click through rates, page per viewer and time spent per user.

Internal linking is said to improve domain authority and helps in SEO too.

#7 Focus on Keywords for every single article or page

Research the best keywords for all content, every single page or article you write must focus on a keyword. Use Google trends or Adwords keyword planner.

Initially focus on long tail words.

#8 Start Guest Blogging

Write articles on other sites, leave some kind of reference to yourself or your site that will let people reach you. Sometimes leaving a link isn’t possible, in this case leave something that will let viewers reach you, you can write your name, your websites name, a relevant keyword. For an example I could add “I wrote an article Top 10 torrent websites of 2017 which was viral”, remember that should be the top most link on google search. 

Make sure the guests could reach you and become yours.

#9 Write catchy headlines

The headlines and search description in some cases must be catchy. A type of headline made to look like that its the most worthwhile piece of information ever!

# 10 Look for referrals

Request links from other sites, comment on ongoing discussions, write articles on sites like medium or hubpages. This is not an easy step but very effective to get traffic.

# 11 Start Email Marketing

Build a long list of emails, you can set up an easy squeeze page, collect emails from various sources and start a newsletter service. This will get you more clicks and much more returning visitors.

Although mailing potential users is effective, but never ever spam. New email marketers might take a while to understand the fine line between marketing and spamming, so try to use different email initially.

#12 Add a lot of content

Add too much content, the more you add the more chances you have to get seen. Add good content, extremely specific content and extremely common content is also acceptable.

#13 Speed up your site

Make sure visitors do not have trouble accessing your site. If your site takes a minute to load, no one would wait, until your content is relevant and specific. In general even a few seconds delay would cause many users to leave.

#14 Analyze your analytics

Most people are already using Google analytics if you haven’t already, start! I have never seen a professional website without Analytics.

Analyse your data regularly and make out where indeed is your traffic coming from. This will vary for different websites, categories and will vary on a lot of factors. More often than not people have absolutely wrong idea about traffic.

At least twice a week analyse your traffic and try to get more traffic from the source that you think is the best, if you try to get organic traffic only, you will loose a lot of visitors.

#15 Submit to Aggregator Sites

Submit your link to aggregator sites such as reddit, feedly, flipboard and do not spam. These sites do everything to fight spam, never get your site marked as spam.


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