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How to Get more users to like your facebook page

Special Ways to Get 1000s of new likes easily in almost no time


Advertising on Facebook is really effective, Facebook advertisements are more effective than Adwords if your product/service is somehow linked to social media. Facebook advertising costs you very less and gets you a lot of views and likes.

Advertising is an initial or momentary boost, not an alternative to organic likes.

Organic Search

We all know how to advertise, but organic search or non-paid likes are the ones we look for. How to get organic likes? A little is known about facebook search algorithm, but here are some useful actions to take

  • Include Keyword in Page Name – If you are not representing a big brand which is already very familiar, you need to include a keyword in your page name. Your visitors will drastically increase if you include the most relevant keyword to your title. You might need to change it later, it can be done but not too much.
  • Be active – This is no news to regular FB users, active people show up on the top of search results, most popular and most active pages are placed above all others.
  • Get a few Likes  – Get a few likes somehow, whether its through advertising or otherwise. Likes increase your click through rate, more people will visit your page if it comes up in search results. Likes build trust among visitors.
  • Post in groups – There are many groups dedicated to share pages, post your page link. Just be sure to not overdo it, as it might lead to temporary or permanent account restrictions.
  • Share posts to Groups and invite people to like page – Share posts to relevant groups, when a user likes your post, it will give you a chance to invite him to like your page.
    get facebook likes through invite to like page

Social Methods

Building a strong account automatically increases followers and likes on your pages. You can build up a strong account in a number of ways. Instead of adding just your friends and family, get more people to follow you.FACEBOOK DISLIKE

  • Look for people with similar interest and befriend or follow them
  • Share interesting things randomly to groups and talk to people
  • Chat and request people to like your page
  • Join add friend groups
  • Invite friends to like interesting things, but not too much it creates an ignorance attitude towards you
  • Join discussion groups and comment on it, be biased and make provocative comments that makes you stand out, making enemies are just as good as making friends online, all you need is a reaction

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