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How to Build Up Reddit Karma to get more Traffic to your Website

If you know Reddit, its a huge social media platform, and you can get a lot of genuine and very high quality traffic from Reddit. Reddit traffic is the best quality traffic compared to any other social media I came across. I demonstrated this with an account, building up 6000 Karma in 2 Days.

Why to Build up Karma?

Reddit Posts from high karma account get flair, moving your post temporarily seen on first page of some subreddits you submit to, this gets it seen by more people. Also some subreddits don’t allow you to post links if your Karma is low.

How much Traffic?

It depends on your post, I had a post with 500 upvotes in the experiment I’m going to show you below, mentioned my site in comments as a source, this is what happened.


A few hikes near sep29 are from stumbleupon, most of the traffic was from stumbleupon, the last hike you see is from reddit. The bounce rate was pretty high, but I’m almost certain, I got some regular visitors. This is a new website featuring interesting and amazing facts and articles.

Building Up Karma (Get Upvoted)

This article is about how to get traffic, but the only thing difficult is how to build up your karma. After Karma is build, all you have to do is post your link in a relevant subreddit.

I learned it after getting 5 reddit accounts banned. The worst thing is I never realized they were banned, if your account is shadowbanned on reddit, you must check it by messaging moderators or tools available on the web, there is no message saying “you have been banned from reddit”.

It takes about 3 days to reach 150 Karma for new users, for experienced users or a viral post, it may take 3-7 hrs, if you try it without knowledge. I have listed everything you must follow.

Its not difficult, and has been tried by me many times on different reddit accounts.

Following this guide exactly you can easily get 200+ Karma in 2-3 days

I have shown this by making a new reddit account and posting images.

Choosing a subreddit

Choose a Subreddit where you can post images that do not require much creativity or uniqueness, that does not have anything to do with you for starters, then escalate and choose more sensitive topics and humor, funny or other popular subreddits.

  • Do not choose subreddits which require creativeness, uniqueness, humor in your first attempt if you are not extraordinary at it, these subreddits have many rules and require more effort than simple ones, when you have enough Karma, these subreddits are the best. In first attempt to build Karma, or a new reddit account, personally, I post my content to r/starlets, r/celebrity and r/somethingporn(something stands for different interest, such as cars, earth, etc) subreddits. After enoughKarma is build now you can post wherever you want.

This is what happened when I posted in a somethingporn, with an image from the internet, which looked a bit interesting, by the end of the day I had 3 posts with 100 karma.reddit viral image

  • I recommend the ones where you can post a picture and have to write nothing (dont post a link below 150+ Karma). You can get a picture from the internet that you like and post it on reddit. But always remember to read the rules, every subreddit has its own rules.
  • Choose a subreddit with moderate of traffic, about 25-50 people online is the best, it ensures that your post will be noticed and it ensures that there are enough people that like it and upvote it.

    reddit viral

    If there are 5 users, it means you get 5 instant upvotes if your content goes viral.

  • After your Karma is above 100, if you have something interesting or creative post it. If you don’t want to try these subreddits no need to worry, you can just get enough karma from simpler ones. I even shared a link of the website as a source and it got 300 hits in these 3 hrs.

This is what happened when I posted with 150+ karma account in one of the bigger subreddits, on an account with 1 karma, it might not get published in the subreddit, I also posted a link as source in comments, getting a lot of hits.

build reddit karma



reddit viral post

So it went Viral, close to 5K likes in 10hrs

This was the same post, traffic doubled every hour for a day. The link I posted as source must have received 5000 visits from this single post. Not this site BTW, it does not belongs to a different subreddit.

By the end of the day 2, I had 1120+ karma, from 3 posts first day and 2 posts the 2nd day(Leaving the above post, as it went viral).

This is not always possible, but every time I tried, I managed to get 350+ in less than 2 days.


The account 2nd day

Analysis of another account I made

u8uhunuAs you can see, I posted in MemesIRL, no response, then I posted in a simpler subreddit Motorcycleporn, after gaining 60 upvotes, in carporn and then in creepy, got huge response The comment Karma went down in because I had a small fight. You can see the account is only 1 day old.

Frequency of post and comments

Reddit does not allow you to post too frequently, to get the best out of your posts, try different subreddits, if you are particularly sure or know about something, post in a subreddit related to it.

How Often?

  • Posting too much is not recommended, and will be considered a spammer if your karma is low or if you are new.
  • If you post too much simpler posts like I described for a newbie, you might be on moderators radar, as this will be considered as Karma Whoring, people do not get banned for it often, but its frowned upon.
  • Do not post more than twice in a same subreddit in 1 day, if you are new.
  • Try different  unrelated subreddits, such as starlets, motorcycleporn, earthporn and more.
  • Do not comment too much or too little, commenting is important, but only take part in a discussion, do not put useless comments such as “Awesome Bro!” or “Nice! Love it! You should Share more!”, they won’t get you recognition and might hurt comment Karma, as it often gets downvoted.
  • Do not repost anything in the same reddit. Even in a different reddit, you must first see if they link to each other or not, if they do, reposting is wasting time.

You will have to make at an average about 5 posts and 0-3 comments a day to get your karma 200+. I once got it from 3 posts on the first day, but its not always possible. It depends on your content, luck, users and other factors.

Where to post your Links?

Another difficult situation is posting your links, most of the subreddits do not permit direct links to website.

For this you need to find a subreddit related to your niche and smartly slip your link as a source of information or something of use, never ever say that its your website, its against reddit rules, it will be considered as spam.


I posted a direct link with a subreddit with merely 3 users online and 200 users offline – Graph of a web development website when it was new

Another option is posting your link as source in comments to a larger subreddit, most larger subreddits do not allow sitelinks. Making your link as a source to a viral post is not as effective for traffic as posting a link. But you have the benefit of lower bounce rate, as someone who is really interested in your post will click the source links from the comments. The image I added was from a single source link, the comment was not upvoted and was at the bottom of the page, but I got my Traffic! and these are consistent results.


This graph if from the account I made for this article, the link was in comments. It got 5 times more hits than link in the post but it had 50 times the upvotes.

Posting Links in Reddit

Even with a high karma its difficult to post links, they can be treated as spam, follow these tips and successfully post your link and get traffic from reddit

  • Post your link in a subreddit that allows you to do it and is relevant to your site.
  • Do not promote your link and never let people know its your website.
  • Do not post links to just your site, do others too, preffreably in the same subreddit(It might not be as interesting as your own content, but must be accepted)
  • If you cannot post direct link, for a bigger subreddit, just post your link as a source.

How Not to Get Banned

Once you are on reddit, you realize how often it bans people, its different from any social network, it is moderated by human users and bots, it will tolerate no spam. To link your website, you must have a karma 150+, otherwise you will get banned.

Follow these rules (Read only if you are new to reddit, these are not official reddit rules)

  • Follow the sidebar rules in every subreddit you are posting in. Every subreddit has different rules, violating them is quite common and more than a few violations will get you banned.
  • Do not post irrelevant content.
  • Do not post copied content from reddit to reddit.
  • Do not post links until you are at least above 150 post karma.
  • Do not fight with someone in comments, it happens a lot on reddit.
  • Never ask for an upvote, its not Youtube or Twitter, they will ban you instantly.
  • Do not keep posting content which seems promotional, as moderators are real people, they might be suspicious.
  • Do not insult redditors or admins, they will ban you many times for doing this, especially in larger subreddits.

How to check if you are shadowbanned?

You will not receive any notification if you are banned. You will have to check it for yourself.

If it has been a while and you are posting and commenting, but there seems to be absolutely no activity on your posts, it might be that your account is banned from reddit. How to check it?

You have to contact the moderators to check your account. If you want an easier way just, visit this link. Type in your username and get to know.

What to do if you were shadowbanned?

Message the administrators, but the chances of getting your account back is extremely rare. Its better to make a new account. You can do it with your same email id and everything, you can even make an account with similar but not exactly the same name like u/jim is banned, I can use same email to make another account u/jim1.

I prefer a different name and email if your account was old, this is because a few moderators might know you and might report you.

Unethical Methods

If you are looking for upvote bots, they won’t work. Reddit is very well managed system, any bots are detected and your IP gets banned, so you cannot make any more accounts.

These are some methods you might use

  • Creating multiple accounts upvoting each other, multiple accounts are very common on reddit
  • Buy a service on fiverr that will boost up your karma in 5$
  • Buy a high karma account
  • Ask your friends to upvote you, this might be considered pretty normal on FB, but not on reddit



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