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How to access the Dark Web Safely

The Dark WEB

It makes most of the web about 96%. Access the Dark Web at your own risk. This information is given only for educational purposes, accessing the dark web is illegal and can get you in a lot of trouble.dark web illustration

Note: These methods are still not 100% guaranteed to provide anonymous access and you might still get in trouble.

Note: Never use browser which can store your information, never leak your personal information, don’t think of using your credit card and never make friends on the dark web.

There are many ways to access:

  1. Tor Browser
  2. VPN Network
  3. Public IP, with a non-traceable device

Tor Browser

Using the tor browser is most common way to access the dark web, tor browser uses onion routing protocol, a series of proxies which gives anonymous access to the final server, to test this, you can check location of your ip address while on tor network. If the IP location is different than yours the protocol is working, but there are various things that can still go wrong. Here https://www.torproject.org/download/download.htmlDark web browser tor

  • Using javascripts your information can be captured
  • Enabling cookies might trick you into sharing your information
  • If you login to your Gmail, Facebook, etc while on the network not only it could be a phishing scam, but it might capture your account details
  • USE BITCOINS! Never give your credit card info or bank account details to anyone.
  • Just a small thing such as going full screen in tor can compromise your anonymity as it gives the exact size of your monitor and the make or model of your PC can be determined.
  • Do Not Download stuff, it might be a virus and tor network might follow you back to your PC

Using a VPN

vpnA good VPN is a safer option. If your VPN ensures that no data is ever recorded on the server, using a tor browser with VPN is actually a much secure option. A VPN still might have something stored or leftover data which might be accessible by the government. A VPN network also might be just a government setup, although it might not be legal in some countries to access private information without permission, it is completely legal to do so in many other countries.

Things not to do on a VPN .onion sites

  • Follow same precautions as a tor browser, although downloading is a bit safer on VPN
  • Never give out any personal info, there are a lot of hackers on the dark web, every other website contains some kind of malware that can remain on your PC after you go offline
  • Never go too deep without knowing what you are doing, a lot of secret information and completely illegal stuff is available which you shouldn’t access.
  • Phishing via cloned websites isa great risk, since url .onion is not clear and is more of like urfire24434ndie.onion than exsociety.com, phishing is much easier, the blogs and dark markets also contain significant number of fake advertising.

Using a device which you do not have ownership and an open network or hacking in a network

If you do not give out any information, this gives you total anonymous access, but it is extremely difficult, and totally illegal. Hacking into someones network or using open network to do illegal stuff is a criminal offence and if you make it a habit, it most certainly will land you in jail. Its what terrorist do to hack into government websites, or accessing someones data. To do it you require

  • Open Network : Hard to find but there are still wifi around the world that do not have passwords, these are open networks, and it might also get the owner of the internet connection in trouble so do not do it.
  • Hacking in someones Wifi: If you could do it, you might not be seeing this article. You can however get someones password.
  • A device like raspberry pi or a second hand PC that you bought with cash. It is important that you cannot be linked to the device.

So how safe is it?

We have been givingskull-cool dark web a lot of warnings, but if you do not intend any criminal activity and stop at the right moment, not doing anything illegal, accessing the dark web will not have any consequences. You can read stories, view content, exchange bitcoins. If you try to buy stuff which is not legal in the real world or view content that is banned in your country, it will not be safe.

It does not mean that everyone accessing the dark web gets caught, actually most people don’t. Hurting someone will however lead the cops towards investigation. Also if you get robbed there will be no one to help you.

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