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How to choose the best WordPress theme for a blog?

The initial steps of creating a blog is choosing a theme, most often users regret choosing the theme unknowingly and go through trouble of changing the theme later, its okay to do so but not when you have enough organic traffic.

choosing a responsive wordpress themeWhen to choose a theme?

The correct time to choose a theme for your blog is when you have written a few articles, 4-5 articles and you can test  the speed and look and feel of your website. Choosing a theme without any content will result in changing it again when you have written a few articles.

Why to not change theme if you have enough traffic?

Making minor changes every now and then is encouraged, making the website load faster is also encouraged, but making huge changes to the design should be once in a while, if you have enough organic traffic

  • Making major changes too often can result in decreased SEO rank, your new pages will show changes and google will re-index the content every time
  • Your permanent users will not like it, I have seen a significant decrease in search engine rank when I change my theme, it doesn’t come up for a while. Even if you do make sure your permalinks are the same.
  • Some of your article content might loose its original design, many images are displaced and meaning of the article might become irrelevant if your images are displaced.

What to look for in a theme?

This is difficult for new bloggers, here are some absolutely important points you must look for in a theme

  1. Increase your user engagement – Choose a theme that clearly marks out content, text and images must stand out. There is nothing more important than content, the focus must be on the content.

    wordpress faster themes choose

    1 Second slower site means 7% loss in traffic for blogs

  2. Make your website faster – Choose a theme with no excessive background or header images, with no javascript or cookie requirements and absolutely no flash requirement. Check the speed of the theme you use.
  3. Always use a responsive design – Today almost 40% of the users are mobile based, or tab based, never choose a theme that doesn’t look good on a mobile or a tab, also check for any possible errors using google’s mobile friendly test.
  4. Avoid building a javascript or flash intensive website, all browsers today are based on different architectures, even some desktop browsers block flash and javascripts. Building a theme or website without the use of javascript isn’t even possible but excessive use in a blog is not recommended.
  5. Always use a theme that does not take a lot of resources. This will increase your server response time. Once you start getting enough organic visitors, you can change it. Use pingdom to test it.
  6. Never pay for a theme in initial stage of your website. If your theme provider is not offering you a demo version, look for a different theme.

Follow the steps to choose a theme

STEP1: Write some content, full versions of content that you intend to write after your blog is famous!

STEP2: Choose a few themes, install them. The ones you think will fulfill your requirement should be chosen.

STEP3: Now one by one, apply the theme. Use gtmetrix and pagespeed insights on the themes, look for the size, speed and server response time.

STEP4: Now make a comparison using gtmetrix. Choose one theme and test your website, add comparison to the same website choosing a different theme, be sure to turn off cache before you do this.

STEP5: Choose a theme that you like and works fast. Just keep in mind the requirements, don’t let the requirements come in the way of a good design. Speed or size is affected less than 10% it won’t matter much. If it makes your website 20-30% slower or consumes 20-30% more space, reconsider.

What happens after you choose a theme?

After you choose a theme, patiently wait to see the response. Do not keep changing it again and again. New websites experience low traffic, this has nothing to do with the theme, it will take time. You now will have to promote it and wait for the traffic to kick in. Consider changing the theme only if you think the bounce rate is high.

WordPress blogs must be optimized for more speed. Irrespective of the themes, there are a lot of tweaks to increase performance of your website.

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