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Black Hat SEO Hacks that Really Hurts your Website Rank

Getting Paid Traffic from Unknown Sources

You can get extremely cheap traffic to your website, as low as 10000 views in a dollar. But this traffic is absolutely worthless and is paid to open your website for a few seconds and closing it. It really hurts SEO, since the traffic increases your bounce rate. If your traffic is build entirely of this traffic your bounce rate will be above 90%, which means that your site is absolutely worthless and nobody thinks its worth spending time on.


  1. Buy traffic that redirects users from unknown source to your url
  2. Use any application to increase traffic artificially
  3. Buy traffic from cheap sources, fiverr, anywhere that google doesn’t approve
  4. Never ask people to keep on refreshing your site after a few seconds to increase the number of visitors, it is no better than traffic generated by a bot.

Building 1000s of Low quality, Low PR backlinks

Building backlinks is essential and even low quality backlink contains some juice. But the backlinks you get from cheap sources or a through software which submits your link to different directories may hurt your rankings. The reason you should never do it is, most search engines detect these sources and flag them as spam. If most of your backlinks are from paid sources, your site might get flagged and removed from search engines.

Sometimes just building too many links too soon from low PR links gets you a google penalty, the way to check it is through your webmaster tools. If you get a penalty due to unnatural links, you have to spend time disavowing or removing those links, also you will have to disavow even useful links so all you time is wasted that you spent on SEO because of those cheap backlinks or link exchanging from various directories.


  1. Buy backlinks from untrusted sources
  2. Participate in a link exchanging scheme
  3. Spam an entire website with 1000s of links to your website through comments or other means
  4. Buy links from websites that is different from your site category, example – If you have a fashion website, don’t buy links from a forum for mobile phonescloack

Cloaking – Display different content for search engines and users

If you display content that is different for actual users and search engines, it will really hurt your ranking, in most cases this kind of behavior leads to some kind of penalty.

Sometimes, you might not do this intentionally, it might be because of some third party software, advertising or even domain redirects.


  1. Make entirely different websites for mobile phone and desktop
  2. Try to cheat crawlers by making them index something else other than your own content
  3. Use a redirect from main domain to another domain if you want the main domain to show on search results
  4. Use too much javascript on a page that you have blocked for search bots using robots.txt

You may use fetch as googlebot to see the difference between how what googlebot and users see your page, there will be a little difference, as some javascript such as for advertisement is not indexed by crawlers, but if the page is entirely different or more than 80%, you must take some action, otherwise you risk penalty.

Scrapping – Copying content from other sourcesSCRAPPING MINUS SEO

We all know that more content is better, there are many websites that offer you automatic generated content from various sources or low quality spam content which will be very bad for your rank, it will not get you penalized but it will definitely reduce your rank. Scrapping content from other websites has the risk of being detected as duplicate, to check this, you should check for plagiarism and avoid copying content from different sites.

This does not mean all your content has to be yours, just avoid simple copy-paste from different sources, get information and present it in your own words.

If you are writing unique and useful content, its much better as content is the only thing which drives the traffic.


  1. Copy paste text from other websites
  2. Use auto-generated content
  3. Copy Paste titles and headings from other sites
  4. Copy Paste all images on one page without changing names and alt tags
  5. Make a copy of other websites
  6. Copy comments and reviews from other websites

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing really worked in the past, but with frequent updates, it is now useless. If you have a mentioned the keyword in your text a few times you do not need to keep on adding keywords in every line, image captions, titles, etc. The search engines detect your keyword density and an unnatural keyword density will reduce your rank for that particular keyword.

Keyword Rich articles might be good for a few search engines even today, but major search engines like google and bing will detect it for sure.


  1. Never use a word too often, check for density of top words and keep it to a normal level, more than 5% might have a negative effect, although it is unknown how this really works. Stop words are excluded from this rule.
  2. Never hide keywords in the form of hidden text that is not visible to the user
  3. Never add too many keywords in alt attribute of imagesno-spam-2x
  4. Avoid adding keyword in to all headings, just add them to a few headings or the main heading and title of the page

Bad Links

Links from adult websites, illegal sites, proxy IP addresses, irrelevant website categories, too many links from same website, links from a website without content and other similar sources. Sometimes building too many irrelevant links, even manually will have a very negative effect on your rank.


  1. Buy domains and make sites just to point a link to a main site
  2. Buy cheap ads on adult, warez, torrent websites.
  3. Post random comments or post automated comments.
  4. Spam on social media.
  5. Add links to random link farms.


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