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5 Tools you absolutely must use to optimize your website speed

There are some tools you absolutely must use.

#1 GTmetrix

Gtmetrix is the best tool known tool right now as of 2017, for the simple reason it checks various factors, checks a lot of factors and gives you the ability to compare different website speeds in a side-by-side comparison table. It has an extremely easy to use and understand interface which lets you see and compare detailed Pagespeed and Yslow score, waterfall chart, loading time from their server. It is the most use website speed analysis tool after Google Pagespeed Insights.gtmetrix speed tool website test

Why to use Gtmetrix to check website speed?

  • Amazing ability to compare multiple site speed
  • Checks website loading time, along with YSlow score and Pagespeed score
  • Creates Optimized version of resources and makes it available for free download
  • Waterfall and Filmstrip to see exactly where the site speed effects users, withthe ability to compare it to other sites
  • With each test, a solution to improve the score is also provided
  • Ease of use, no need to fill captchas or sign up
  • Interface is extremely easy to use for new users

Why should you use other tools

  • Lacks the ability to test speed from different server locations
  • Lacks the ability to test server response time issues

#2 Google’s Pagespeed Insights

The most used speed checking tool for one simple reason, its created by Google. Many people automatically assume that improving pagespeed score is good for SEO, yes! of course it is, but its the site speed that matters moregoogle pagespeed ingight test

Why to use Google PageSpeed Insights?

  • Google might have similar ranking algorithm based on speed as Pagespeed
  • Great tool to be used, covers all major speed issues
  • Incredibly simple and easy to understand, and it provides detailed solutions for all the issues
  • Provides optimized resources for your site, free of cost
  • Tests site from google’s reliable server

Why should you use other tools?

  • The desktop version  lacks the ability to check site speed, and a lot of other metrics
  • Comparison is not possible, each site is checked separately
  • Does not check page size

Pagespeed Chrome app is better option to check site speed, page size and a lot more from your own computer, it still lacks the ability to test site from other server locations other than your PC.

#3 Pingdom

Pingdom is a speed checker also a detailed analysis tool.pingdom page speed tool

Why to use Pingdom?

  • It makes several request from a choosen server location, and checks website speed over multiple pings
  • Tests and assign a speed grade to a website, compared to others websites tested on pingdom
  • Test various factors and compares to all other sites tested on pingdom
  • Registered users can test site speed every minute and track progress
  • More accurate results, multiple pings eliminate the chances of error
  • Ability to choose a specific server location
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Provides more detailed analysis compared to Pagespeed

Why should you use other tools?

  • Two sites comparison is not possible
  • Low number of servers
  • Free optimmized version of Javascript, CSS and images not provided

#4 Webpagetest

Testing website over multiple locations, from multiple devices


Why to use Webpagetest.org

  • Can test website from many different locations, from multiple devices
  • Browser to access the website can be selected by the user
  • Detailed speed report

Why should you use other tools?

  • Only checks speed, many other factors are not tested
  • No solution suggested

#4 Sucuri

A very specific king of test is  carried out over multiple server locations, covering almost all areas in the world.website page speed check tester

Why to use Sucuri?

  • Use it if you want to see site speed at a particular location
  • Only checks three speed factors, the time to connect, time to first byte and total time
  • Easy to check your server performance

Why not to use Sucuri

  • Only checks speed
  • Does not provide speed improvement tips or optimized resources

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