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Top 10 torrent sites in 2016 (Working)

After the demise of Kickass, torrentz here are some of the best torrent sites you can use.

TPB – The PirateBay2000px-the_pirate_bay_logo-svg

TPB is one of the oldest and most popular torrent site. It is considered to be one of the sites that made torrents so popular. Before kickass was released in 2008, piratebay was considered unbeatable torrent provider. Most of the torrents released on web originated from thepiratebay. Now it does not support torrents anymore, it serves magnetic links which are almost similar to torrents and use the same P2P and peers. It is constantly changing its domains and has been taken down several times but shows up again after some time. It is still one of the most popular site and ranks a whopping 173 in Alexa.


ExtraTorrent is most active torrent community after TPB and KAT, it has torrent health indicators, features tons of torrents. Home of the most active movie torrent release groups. Extratorrent does not have any annoying popups and is easy to use and find most relevant torrents.

YiffyTorrents – Currently YTS


It gained instant popularity since its release. Its the official website of YIFY|YTS group, here most high quality movies torrents can be found. You can find all the latest movies in high quality featured here.



RarBG is also home to some of the torrent release groups, it is affiliated to piratebay and torrentz. It is also one of the most trusted site for xxx category. The entire site is divided into XXX and Non-XXX categories. It features both torrent and magnetic link.



Is also a top contender in popular torrent sites. It is community driven site and uploader gets banned on any malicious or bad torrents in order to keep the torrents as safe as possible. It is extremely popular in UK and most of the traffic comes from UK. It also features torrent and magnet links.



It is more of a torrent search engine, it also has a dedicated team removing torrents which has viruses or trojans. It features category search and top 100 list and other useful features.



Has been in existance since a decade, it has been on the verge of shutdown many times. It is banned from many countries but is online and has an ever increasing torrent directory and is gaining popularity now.



The popular place for most popular TV shows, it suffered hotile takeover in 2015 but still runs under the same name, there are some torrents that are only found on this site. Some of the TV show torrents which cannot be found elsewhere are found here.


Although the site has been there since a long time, it only recently became popular. It is gaining ever increasing popularity, and more hits since the closing down of several torrent sites.



It also regained popularity since many other clsed down, it was initially popular when launched in 2011, it has a large category of torrents and features both .torr and magnetic links.

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