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Top 7 Humor Sites with Amazing Facts and Interesting Articles


One of the oldest Humor site, focuses on Amazing articles, interesting facts and unknown weird knowledge which primarily focuses US, lists are carefully choosen and approved, no low quality content. Humor categories include science, weird, movies, games, history and others. Articles are divided in Infographics, Text, Videos and Podcasts. The website is around for a long time and is not build overnight, users are able to contribute but approval process for posts and Info-graphics is not as easy.

Alexa# 1,298

Most of the content is user generated, the global Alexa rank is pretty impressive, increases due to the fact that along with articles and humor, news, quiz, polls are also featured and can be generated by users. This is one of the fastest growing Humor website. The approval process is easy, but this makes the content a little poor in quality. The website has its presence in a lot of countries and country specific content can be found for many locations.

Alexa# 165

college humor sites

The website focuses on comedy more than other forms of humor,  finding good quality articles on this site is not difficult, trending topics fill up the front page. It also offers a shopping website integrated where you can buy stuff online.

Alexa# 1375

oddee humor site logo

A very specific but amazing form articles are featured, all pics almost no text but amazing to see, a wide rage of articles are posted here and many articles are unlike other websites. Some articles are very specific like Amazing tatoos or houses, while others like amazing plants, google map images, humans are also featured.

Alexa# 16585

The site also has a lot of content and mostly user generated, the articles only contain top 10 of everything. The content is too much and a lot of both high and low quality content is available. It is up to the user to like a type of content, a lot of extremely specific content can also be seen. The users are able to write and make a list easily. One impressive thing is the speed and relatively light weight of the website.

Alexa# 5196

top humor website

The website is new, created in 2016 focuses on Amazing and Interesting articles, facts quizzes and Infographics. For a new website the number of users is extremely high and traffic seems to be impressively engaged in the website. The content might not be as much but the quality of content is higher than most other sites on this list. It gives an option for the users to write and the site focuses on wide variety of topics, but the approval process is not as easy and many articles are changed slightly by moderators to maintain quality. The site being new, contains little amount of content and is not known to many users.

Alexa# 549,564


Probably one of the oldest Humor sites, contains just long lists on pictures, gifs and infographics. Works on a minimal design, the site is quite content rich and quality of content is good. Since the articles do not have much text, they are easy to like as they can be seen quickly. The minimal design and rich content makes it one of the best, just lacks in look and feel a bit, but in terms of infographics and images, there are very few websites in the list that can be compared to slightlywarped.

Alexa# 107,829


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