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10 Top CPM Ad Networks for Higher Earnings Per Impression

Adsense ( Highly recommended if you have a high quality website traffic )

Definitely the best ad network, powered by google. The CPM rate is extremely high compared to any other network. The CPM can be anywhere between 0.2$-4$ depending on the location and CTR. The amount you earn through any other similar network will virtually always be less than a third of adsense earnings.(except for Media.net)

The downside of the network is difficult approval process and extremely strict policies, any policy violation leads to permanent ban, the user will not be able to make any other account with his bank and address details. The payment is absolutely delivered but for new websites due to strict policies and very frequent ban it might not be a good choice, the chances of getting banned increase dramatically if you have low traffic.

Media.net ( For sites with 100,000+ traffic or high quality US traffic)

High CPM rates, if you have most traffic from US, Canada and UK, Media.net might get you more than half of Adsense. It is powered by Yahoo Bing network.

The downside is that you have to get each website approved separately and approval process is very strict, even more than Adsense. The ban is not frequent, the policies are more flexible.

Buyandsellads ( For well known sites with minimum 500,000 traffic )

It is unlike the conventional ads network, rather than showing ads from different sources, here you can choose to show a particular ad and choose between click based pay or fixed monthly cost irrespective of the clicks. Since real human visitors buy site space, chances are well known websites perform better.

The approval process is not easy, minimum 500,000 visitors per month required.

Advertising.com (For  500,000+ traffic websites only)

Powered by AOL, Advertising.com rates for CPM ads are impressive, it is better known for revenue share ads, and minimum 500,000 monthly visitors are required.

Infolinks (Highly Recommended as an addition to All Websites All Traffic)

Unlike any other ad network above, infolinks can be an addition to other netwoks it does not need space to display ads. The ads are either pop ups, pop unders, in article, keywords at the end of articles and various other ways. Highly recommended as an addition to Adsense or Media.net, or any network above. In long term it is seen that correctly configured, it can give more than  30% of revenue of Adsense. CPM rates can go up to 5-7$ for organic US traffic.

The approval process is easy and instant. No space to advertise needed. Excellent option for new as well as old websites.

Conversant Media

Also a very well known ads network, has been around for long time. Pays NET60 and has a good record. The CPM rates are high and traffic required is just 3000 visitors per month. ( below which advertising will anyway be pointless )

The approval process is easy, payments threshold is just 25$ via paypal or check.

UberCPM (Recommended for New Websites any Traffic)

A new upcoming network, used this network in many new websites because of two reasons a. The CPM is almost 1-2$ which is good. b. It does not slow down your site. For websites with inconsistent traffic, CPM is better than infolinks and in some cases even advertising.com.

The approval process is easy and quick, also you can get paid through paypal and wire minimum of 25$.

Adsoptimal (High CPM )

Adsoptimal also provides awesome CPM rates, the CPM of this network is more than UberCPM in some cases, depends on the niche. I recommend trying them out and find the best for yourself. The best thing about this network is you can get paid by many methods with a 25$ threshold.

You also get a 5$-15$ signing bonus, and it is safe to use with adsense, and you will get approved instantly.

Exponential [Formerly: Tribal Fusion]

One of the most well known CPM based network, high CPM rates and good quality ads. The ads served are relevant to content and have high CTR rates, which ensures a good CPM.

The reason it is ranked below UberCPM is its tough approval process, and minimum 50,000 visitors requirement. With that kind of traffic, you will have better earnings with Adsense, Media which pays much better on clicks.


For gaming apps and websites, ad4game is a good alternative, it has low payment threshold of 1$ and good CPM rates when compared to others in game based ads.

In addition to CPM, it also offers affiliate which provide better earnings.

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