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Top free open source Question and Answer Engines for Websites

OSQA – The Open Source Q&A Systemqna engine best

 OSQA is the most used open source sysytem, used by large organizations such as Linkedin, Pixar, Unity and Ebay. The company offers open source solution in addition to a paid version, adding more features. Both the versions are fully functionally good. The look and feel of the engine is like most social networks. They have a large community support which offers a huge benefit.
Language : Python, Django
Database Supported: Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Open source Licence :GNU GPL


Extremely fast QNA engine, incredibly easy to use and fully customizable, the company promoting the software focuses on the open source version, users can easily contribute to the code.
Websites Using Question2Answer: http://www.question2answer.org/sites.php

DWQA WordPress

WordPress with DWQA plugin is a good option for easy integration of wordpress to SEO, you do not need to use paid themes or special QNA themes, it works with your website and you can make a page o integrate qna to your existing wordpress by using shortcodes. Widgets are also available in this plugin for recent, most popular and top questions.

Language: PHP

WordPress plugin, can be used easily with other websites, not primarily made for QNA.


Shapado is also well-known QNA engine, it offers some unique useful features, such as answer by email, community building and marking answer as improve so that others are able to edit your answers.

Language: Ruby
Website: http://shapado.com/
Database : MongoDB
License : GNU Affero General Public License


Askbot is also a  platform modeled on StackExchange, so should be considered as well, the engine is light weight and extremely easy to use.
Language: Python
Database : MySQL, PostgreSQL


Responsive, fast and built in php, it is extremely easy to integrate with other php based web engines.

Language: PHP
Database : MongoDB
Website: http://www.lampcms.com/
View Demo: http://support.lampcms.com/


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