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4 Easy Ways to Access Blocked Sites in Your Country


Simply using https instead of http, try this, must work for almost all countries. This is the easiest method access blocked sites. However using https instead of http is not safe if your country have strict rules against blocked sites. The use of https or ssl does not stop the internet service provider to have access to what URLs you accessed, you have no anonymity.

access blocked sites

Absolute Anonymity!! Is that even possible?


  1. Easy & Quick.
  2. Requires no download.
  3. Does not effect speed of the site.
  4. Best option if you have no laws against a blocked sites.


  1. Not Safe, your server can have access to URLs you browse.
  2. Very rarely, it might just not work.

Proxy Sites

You might want to have a safer method to access these sites, you can use one of the various proxy sites on the internet. Proxy sites are a quick way to access blocked sites.


  1. Requires no download.
  2. Requires no VPN.
  3. Anonymity(Moderate).
  4. Generally Safe & its Difficult to track you.


  1. Extreme drop in browsing speed, videos and pictures take much longer than usual.
  2. In some cases, fake proxy site might be set up and you might be tracked.
  3. Proxy site never guarantees absolute anonymity.
  4. URLs are difficult to read.
  5. You can be a victim of Phishing, the proxy site may set up exact clones of popular sites.
  6. Makes navigating between sites difficult .tor-logo-2011-flat-svg

Proxy Network

Easy to use, speed is better than proxy site and it is safer. All you need is to download a proxy browser. The most popular network is the Tor network, funded by US Government, provides anonimity by using onion routing protocol: A chain of Proxies rather than a single proxy.


blocked website

Blocked?? Use TOR

  1. High anonymity.
  2. Much Faster than proxy sites.
  3. Easy navigation.
  4. Onion routing makes it much more safer than simple proxy.
  5. No investing in VPN required


  1. You must use a browser designed for onion proxy, like the Tor Browser.
  2. Videos or large files takes a little longer than usual.
  3. You might be asked to fill out Captcha every now and then.


VPN is a virtual private network, its a service you buy in order to gain anonymity, using a VPN you don’t need to worry about you browser or proxies, you can use your network on any you want. What a VPN does is, it connects you to a network which does not track you and you can use this network to access other networks.

virtual network for blocked sites


  1. Easy to access, using any browser.
  2. It provides anonymity in other tools like your torrent client, not possible using Tor or Proxy Sites.
  3. The anonymity and security depends on the specific VPN.
  4. Speed is better than any other method, actually it depend on the VPN.


  1. The VPN service provider sets your internet speed, whether to track you or not.
  2. VPN provider knows your IP, tor is much better in masking your IP.
  3. VPN might be bad quality or be tracked.
  4. VPN server might be hacked which might compromise your anonymity & security.
  5. You need to purchase a VPN service.
  6. A VPN might not be safer than tor network in some cases, hackers might track your IP easier than in Tor.

Note: Absolute anonymity is not guaranteed, although these methods are generally safe, use them at your own risk, we are in no way liable to any damage caused. Accessing a blocked website is still illegal.

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