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When should you Create a Google Adsense Account?

What is Adsense?adsense before you apply

It is an ad publishing network, similar to billboards, you rent a space to Adsense on your website. The difference is that Adsense pays you based on more complex algorithms, and the pay is not fixed. It depends on the number of visitors, number of clicks and majorly the amount of money Google earns by showing ads on your website. But before you create a Google Adsense account, read When should you Apply?

Adsense is the best site monetizing network there is right now, best in the sense of earnings. The network is so good that the 2nd best network which is media.net isn’t half as profitable for most sites.

The ad network basically displays advertisements on your website, booked by users via Google Adwords. As a publisher of the ads, you get payed a share of the earning by Google. AdSense is Google’s primary source of income, making it the largest advertising network in the world!

What can you do with Adsense?

You can monetize your content with Adsense, websites, blogs, youtube videos, content sharing sites like Hubpages and even your apps and games.

There are three ways to earn with Adsensecpc, cpm, cpa

CTR (Click-through rate) is basically what decide your earnings, no matter what you get paid for, if your CTR is good, you get paid more.

What should you know before applying?

Adsense currently gives you only a single chance, if you are out you are out! Once you get banned, you can never apply again. Google’s policies are so strict for publishers, if you have a low traffic website, accidental violations are fairly common. Accidental or intentional, a violation will result in a irrevocable ban.

When should you apply?

You should apply when you are getting enough traffic to meet the minimum threshold within 2-3 months.

Otherwise it becomes too disappointing, and violations become easier to achieve.

Let me explain this, Google has no minimum earnings clause, but the policies are made in way which favors the advertisers, not the publishers. A minimum amount of traffic will ensure that advertisers are not wasting money. For an example, a few clicks from your IP address will go unnoticed if you are having 100 clicks in a day, but won’t go unnoticed if you are getting merely 5 clicks a day.


 Minimum traffic to apply for Adsense, based on an average Niche for a WordPress blog.

Traffic Source Pageviews/ DayCountry of Origin
1000+US, UK, Canada at least 80%
2000+Asia: India, UAE, Russia
3000+Africa/Asia Other

Use Google Analytics only to check average number of page views.

Reconsider if any of the following conditions are true for your website:

  • It contains malware or hacking resource link
  • Is not suitable for minors, below 18 years old
  • Has anything to do with websites selling or promoting drugs, prescription medication or hard liquor
  • Contains gambling or betting tips
  • Contains link to torrent sites or free unauthorized data sharing sites
  • Has been hit with manual penalty in recent days
  • Does not contain average of at least 100 words/page
  • Primarily contains unmoderated user generated content

If you have already been banned, here’s what you can do

You can register for Adwords under a different company, or use someone else’s address, phone, bank details, email and a new blog to apply for a new Adsense account. Once approved, you can use adsense on any website, but please don’t add it to a website violating Google’s advertising policy, it will result in a ban again.

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