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Where and How to Buy Adsense Safe Traffic? Complete guide to Online Advertising.

What is Adsense Safe traffic?

Adsense is the most popular ad network, it lays down a huge list of Terms and Conditions that publisher must follow in order to keep there account from getting suspended. It is important, because once an account is banned, its very hard to recover, and all your ad income is gone with the account.

Please see that your traffic is good quality, here are some attributes of quality traffic

  • Traffic must originate from different sources. All traffic coming from a particular IP and clicking ads will get your adsense account banned for sure.
  • Traffic must not show unusual or bot-like behavior. Google’s algorithm checks for bot like behavior, even human traffic can be misconstrued as bot traffic, especially when coming from website visit exchanges.
  • There should not be too little engagement. If your traffic is just visiting your website and leaving without ever clicking anything, it is not wise to run Google Adsense on that website.
  • With new CPA(Cost Per Action) ads, some of your clicks should actually engage with the target website. Google might be tracking this behavior as if the site is using CPA ads, Google has access to all their analytics data.

Generally a source is considered valid if the users from the source are engaging with the website content. In general we found that ad networks pay more in the order of traffic originated from different sources

  1. Organic Search
  2. Social Media
  3. Direct
  4. Refferal
  5. Comments, Forums, etc
  6. Directories and other sources (suspicious sources of traffic)

Most ad networks(excluding Adsense) would pay as much as 5 times for organic and social media traffic.

NOTE: It is not always possible to get traffic from the top sources, if its too difficult focus on different sources.

Cheap sources of  HARMFUL Traffic that we all find some day

There are many cheap sources of traffic found on forums, traffic exchange programs, low quality websites, sellers on fiverr or similar websites that sell you thousands of visitors with little to none engagement at very low cost. The so claimed Adsense safe traffic by these sources are sold at way lower price than advertising or any other well known method.

No matter what these sources claim, no matter how reputed the services are all of this traffic come from bots or users who refresh websites at a specific interval of time. This cannot be considered as a source of adsense safe traffic.

Where to Buy Adsense Safe Traffic?

Buy traffic from sources where the users are real, and they want something from your website.


# 3 Advertisement on Social Media

Advertise on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, SU, Reddit, Digg, etc. There are no limits, and you should never be limited to a particular social media website to advertise.

Facebook: It is advisable to start with facebook ads, even if you don’t like FB. This is because facebook has most number of people, you can advertise for literally anything and you will get some traffic. Facebook ads are cheaper and easy to use. They offer CPM(Impressions), CPA(Action), CPC(Click) and Video Ads too.

Twitter: Twitter ads are really expensive, twitter started a new cheaper form or advertising, but still is much more expensive than other social media ads, if you are trying to earn through adsense, don’t advertise on twitter.

Instagram: Linked with FB ads, it provides results almost as good as FB, if your advertisement contain good looking pictures, ads on Instagram can prove to be cheaper than FB.

Pinterest: Might try out, but works more some types of sites than others, since its pinterest, a creative ad will prove to be much better. The ad design must be attractive to achieve better results.

LinkedIn: Much better for corporate related ads, job related ads and business related content. If your blog is related to a more creative category, there are much better alternatives to linkedin.

Reddit, Digg,Delicious & other: Creative, out of the box content only, strictly only advertise engaging content, use attractive titles, only advertise on the social media you use and are familiar with.

#2 Adwords

Adwords is the single most efficient advertising network, the other half of adsense. Adwords ads shows relevant advertising, gets you the best quality traffic. Since Google runs a large part of the web and everyone uses some kind of service offered by Google, it is the best in finding relevant content and showing it to the relevant audience.

Use Display Ads, Text ads, Gmail, Youtube ads making separate campaigns, keep the ones that benefit you more. Try out cost per click and cost per action and choose the one that benefits you more.

#1 Niche Websites

When it comes to advertising, the key to cost cutting is finding people that will click on your advertisement. If you are able to find a niche website of the same niche as yours, that receives enough quality traffic, bargain to get the best deal and start advertising!

These website rarely offer CPC(Click), CPA(Goal) advertising. It is very important not to overpay. You must check out ads performance before you pay a huge amount.

How to find them?

  • Search google for blogs, forums and websites related to your niche, find the ones that you think have good quality traffic.
  • Look for forums, a lot of people offer advertisements for low cost. (eg Warrior Forums, Blackhatworld)
  • Look for Forums that you can advertise on, forums always offer users to advertise and are a great place to advertise

Advertising is a great way of finding regular customers, regular advertisement, is required for every website. Find the best alternative that works for you.

Find Untapped Sources of Traffic

There are many sources of traffic that are not well known and well organized. This is why these are difficult to find and often prove as cheap sources of high amount of traffic. Many of them are permanent, pay a small price to get a permanent source of traffic

Find a relevant source related to the topic of your website to ensure a user clicks and uses your website

  • Facebook, Twitter Banners on high traffic Pages to display name of your website
  • Links below viral youtube videos, contact the owners who want to earn a little extra on the side
  • Links from article websites, authority websites, blog posts relevant to your topic
  • Comments on websites using Diqus, a lot of people might click your link if the comment is relevant to the topic and structured in a good way(FREE)
  • Ask Blog owners to add your website links to relevant pages, example of this can be a list of top 10 Classifieds list , if you have a classifieds website ask the website owner to add your website to the list. This method gets a lot of traffic and the traffic is very much engaging.
  • Get strong social media personalities to post for you, often these posts will be posted on some website and you will get free traffic instantly.


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